• Electromagnetic field (EMF) Protection

    HHI Pulse Locket

     A cutting-edge device that balances body and brain frequencies. 

    A colloboration between Dr Hegall Vollert, a pioneer in bio-frequency medicine and Hippocrates Health Institute and Anna-Maria Clement.

    How long is it good for? Forever

    Does it need to be charged? No

    Is it waterproof? No, water resistant

    Protects what area? Comprehensive (360 degrees)

    Material used for pendant? Stainless steel

    Material used inside the pendant? Quartz woven into fibers in geometric patters

    Additional benefits? Can help with pain and inflammation

    Where to wear? Best near your solar plexus, but can be carried in your pocket

    How does it work? attracts and then neutralizes EMF as they approach you from all sides

    Pulse is sold with a temporary silk string, not meant to be permanent.